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Heart Check

I am in a process of cutting away the things that have been holding me back from my destiny. In a couple days i’ll be making some really big decisions but I have to remember we serve a really big God.


I think somewhere in our Celebrity Oriented Christianity I started to become really selfish. The Lord has really put a burden on my heart for youth currently in reference to the mission field. I wish I could tell you guys more but I’m just in a place of chasing what God has put in my heart. Continue reading “Heart Check”


Missions with Brown Skin

An amazing blog much needed!!

Commission My Soul

This is a blog that I’ve been wanting to write for awhile. I just didn’t know how.  I’ve been on several mission trips to many different places, including 3 months in Cambodia. I read a lot of mission blogs and there’s one thing I always find interesting: people always talk about this fascination locals have with their skin. Well, I’ve never really experienced that because my skin is brown like the majority of the developing world.

I generally don’t have kids wanting to touch me or strangers wanting to take pictures with me on the street. I wouldn’t usually be a “celebrity” in any of these places without my white teammates.

On my first mission trip, I went to Ethiopia. And while my teammates were experiencing the shock of being the only white people for miles, I was busy trying to convince the Oromo children that I wasn’t from Africa…and…

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Turkeys & Testimonies

The hardest part for me about doing missions for me has been dealing with family. When you are on the mission field the community you live in becomes your family. The older women became like mothers to me. The construction guys were father figures and the children were my brothers and sisters. The island became my home and then overnight i was thrown back into what some say the “real world”. If i’m being transparent me and my mom’s relationship has changed forever. I have to tell myself everyday life doesn’t stop and it’s not easy at all. This holiday season for me is one of the most trying times my mom and I will experience but i trust GOD in spite of how i feel…

God I want more of you at any cost and if it cost me relationships that i have to leave for a season I gladly give it to you. I refuse to accept a powerless gospel. I refuse to take your great commission and treat it like my backup plan. I will live by faith and if my faith offends people then so be it...Amen

Jesus Loves Funnel Cakes

G’day mates,

The past month has been a roller coasters of blessings,trials, and well growing up spiritually speaking. This past October I sold Threads of Hope bracelets at The Georgia National Fair.  The fair was located in Perry Georgia which this year brought in over 500,000 people from around the state and country. I remember arriving an feeling completely intimidated (I felt wayyy out of my league) but God moved in incredible ways over the 11 days.

Threads of Hope for those of you who don’t know is non profit livihood project based in the Philippines. The families that make the bracelets are from very poor areas in the Philippines. They recieve an income which help keeps there children from being sexually exploited. Over the course of the fair we passed out this story plus knowledge about the harmful effects of porn,Christian abortion alternatives,and human trafficking. These days were long,hot, and life changing. One of the stories that broke me was this girl named Lucy(Not her real name) who was from a place called Hazlehurst Georgia. Lucy and I went to eat while her partner was destressing at a really sketchy bar. Lucy and I decide to go to waffle House but she starts releasing one of the most powerful stories I’ve ever heard while in the car.

Lucy had 5 friends die in a plane crash almost a month go. I continue to listen as she described in detail the horrific nature of the accident. I froze I had never heard a story from a person so heartbreaking in all my years of ministry. I’ve heard some rough stuff especially on the mission field but this story hit me.

Lucy had so many questions and I couldn’t pretend to know all the answers but I was able to give here this little piece of wisdom as the Holy Spirit downloaded it to me…

I don’t remember everything I said but I looked her straight in the face and reminded her ALL THINGS the things we don’t understand, that break our heart,that interrupt our plans work together for our good. I gave her some words of life and reminded her that God wants to use her and her story to change lives. Lucy’s story changed my life I thank God for divine appointments.


Update Mate

Hey friends!

These past weeks have been crazy busy to say the least. After 5 months I’ve decided to leave the internship at Real Life Church in Macon. I’ve been offered to be taught how to pressure wash by a veteran so that’s exciting. The good thing about this new skill is that while at Hillsong I can have a job/business to help pay the rent and other expenses. This Saturday I’ll be in Charlotte with some good friend’s of mine selling Threads Of Hope merchandise. Please be in prayer for safe travels as this will be my first time in Charlotte. The event is called Christian Music Day it’s around 10k people so I should make at the least around 3 or 4k God willing.

As many of you know I’ve been approved for a outside space at the Georgia National Fair near the south gate. I’m really not worried about location, money, or RV that I still need God has been really good to me. I do ask for your prayers, words of life, and feedback as I continue this faith journey to Hillsong College.

In him,


Good Ain’t God

I’ve been faced with alot a good opportunity’s since my 12 week mission trip to Ometepe Island, Nicaragua. It seems like everybody has a school,internship,and ministry opportunity that’s the perfect fit for me. It can be really overwhelming I’ve even had the occasional well she loves Jesus and Mission’s so that MUST be my wife. I don’t know what your good looks like it could be a new job, relationship, or huge move.

Example: I’ve been active in the church since I was about 12. I’ve seen churches die, church’s spiritually abuse people,and church’s that have had great success. My point is that some of these “experiences” could have been avoided but there is a bright side. In his word it says all THINGS are working together for MY good. I don’t know what experiences,situations,or relationships that you’ve been through where you feel like God has forgot about you but please know that ALL THINGS work together for your good.

It didn’t make sense for me to do an internship and pull 60+ hours a week for no pay this past summer. It didn’t make sense that I left all three of my jobs because God wanted me to know what it meant to live by faith. It doesn’t make sense for me to go to bible College 9k miles from home but ALL THINGS work together for my good!!!

God is Good
All the time
& All the time
God is good!!! 

God thank you that even when we mess up and jump from GOOD opportunity to GOOD opportunity you take our bad and use it for good. Now please help us be obedient to your holy spirit and help us to say no to the good and yes to you God. For your glory

God’s Itinerary!

This past weekend I’ve was blessed with a ticket to attend Out of Darkness training here in Macon. This nonprofit is based out of the Atlanta Dream Center and fights sex trafficking on a state and local level. It’s been a crazy week from getting into the word at 6:30am on a Tuesday with men hungry for the presence of God too getting stuck in Norcross GA at a Holy Ghost Reborn movie screening. I have learned one thing an that is that our obstacles is God’s itinerary… This past week I sent off my application for the Georgia National Fair and praise God I was approved for a spot to sell Threads Of Hope merchandise. Also God has been really pressing on my heart to spend time in the quiet place with him more. I don’t know how things are going in your life right now but our father wants to hear your prayers and is faithful to respond.

Jesus thank you for showing me that all things really do work together for my good and that you love to hear the prayers of your children. Thank you for more encounters, miracles, and sign that make us wonder.


God Over Money Part 1

This week has been crazyyy from prayer meetings with recovering drug addicts to devotionals with businesses owners at 6:30 in the morning. I love my weeks because every time I feel like there getting predictable God shows up every day. Today I was thinking about one of my spiritual fathers who I do ministry with once a week. This past summer I got involved in a drug rehab ministry for men located in downtown Macon that has really changed my life. I also got connected with a men’s ministry(most owners of businesses) that meets every Tuesday at 6:30 in the morning.  I know… crazy combo that’s the God I serve. Anywayyy I see the guy pull up at church and he motions me to come to his car. I greet him and he places some money in my hand. I try my best to give him a genuine thank you while holding on tight to what he gave me. He responds by saying “I’m just trying to be obedient”. This man is a very successful business owner and to give me $100 dollars is nothing but to me it meant so so much.

God thank you for showing up when I least expect it for placing me in good company and for confirming to me that ALL things really do work together for my good.

Heart Of Anguish

In ministry hearing people’s struggles,testimonies,and experiences can make you numb if I’m being transparent. As a “pastor” you build this facade of the I know what you mean face. I will say terms like “been there done that” or “all things work together for my good”…but every now an then some things you hear hurt like hell. One of the main goals of this blog is to give you a transparent behind the scenes look into a faith journey not just a fundraising campaign. Now that I’ve established that tonight was our relaunch night for are youth ministry. The night was focused around creating a welcoming fun environment for new students. The message was focused on the past is the past but the rest of your life is the best of your life in Christ. After the service I ride one of the other interns an we drop kids off sometimes 20-30 miles from the church. On a good night we get home before 11pm a great night 10pm. The last teenager we drop off opens up about a teenage girl having sexual relations with his close friend. If you’ve ever worked in youth ministry then you know this situation is very common. The teenager then begins to tell about how this girl’s parents allow all this extra freedom. Again…i respond with the usual I’ve heard that already response. Then as if the holy spirit asked the question for me I asked her age. The teenager then responds that she’s fourteen…i got the worst heartache as if I could feel all this pain this girl had ever experienced. I have younger brother that age an inside I just started weeping and then something happened. I got the image of my heart engulfed in fire an I pray that you all would experience a heart of anguish. I pray that this story sparks something in you to remember it’s not about us but about people. I pray that this story messes you up an challenges your faith. I pray that you pick up your cross today and love the way he loved us.

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